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3rd Inter-state Karen Youth Seminar was successfully held in Queensland

Posted on - 26 September 2017, Posted by - admin

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AKO Queensland branch, youth affairs has once again successfully organised another youth camp from 22nd to 24th September 2017. This year’s youth camp was joined by Karen young people from both Northside and Southside with over 50 participants. Joining this year youth camp is two of our most honourable guests, P’Doh Mahn Mahn and Thara Kaw Say who flew all the way from Kaw Thoo Lei (Kaw Lah) to share the current situation update on the Karen people and to keep the participants entertained. After conducting a successful evaluation survey, participants seems to have learnt so much in terms of developing their leadership skills and gained more knowledge on the current situation of the Karen people.

AKO Queensland branch, youth department organises inter-state youth camp(or seminar) annually which has started since late 2012. The purpose of of organising the event is to allow the Karen young people who are living particularly in Australia to be exposed to the idea of culture maintenance, political awareness, being aware of Karen values and traditions. The aim and objectives of the seminar can be found here on the Australia-wide Karen Nation Youth seminar’s page.

67th Karen Martyrs' Day commemoration ceremony, Victoria (12/08/2017)

Posted on - 23 August 2017, Posted by - Webmaster

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On the 12th of August 2017, the 67th Karen Martyrs' commemoration service was held and organised by the Australian Karen Organisation. Each and every year the Karen Martyrs' commemoration service is held on this day to remind us about our strong brave soldiers that had sacrificed their life for our Karen people's freedom. On this particular day, our Karen people pay tribute to our greatest leader Saw Ba Oo Gyi and his greatest fellow leaders who have made a great sacrifice, battled with an honour for the freedom of the Karen people.

The commemoration service was joined by a distinguish guest speaker, the chairman of the International Karen Organisation. A great encouragement speech was presented by the chairman of International Karen Organisation. The service was then followed by a number of great presenters and a number of beautiful songs were presented by various youth groups. Laying of wreaths (laying flowers crowns) took place in the middle of the service to pay their respect to our fallen martyrs.

The service then concluded with a nice refreshment and it was a successful commemoration service as many of the Karen people attended the service to pay their respect to our leaders past and present.

28th KYO Day Celebration (Queensland)

Posted on - 29 May 2017, Posted by - Webmaster

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Karen Youth Organisation

The 28th KYO day was celebrated successfully in Queensland on 20th of May 2017. The event was organized by AKO youth in Queensland and supported by AKO Queensland branch. Each and every year the ceremony is held at a different location as. The 28th KYO day ceremony took place at the Stafford Community Center. There were approximately 100 people attended the ceremony including elderly people although this event aimed to celebrate the establishment of the Karen youth organization. The KYO (Karen Youth Organization) was formed on 23rd of May 1989 to respond to the needs of the Karen young people. The establishment of the KYO (Karen youth organization) was to empower and equip youth through democratic leadership and socioeconomic development to be able to contribute towards fighting for the Karen people.

The event was also joined by several leaders from the Australian Karen Organization, Queensland branch. The 28th KYO day facilitation letter was received from the headquarter and read by a beautiful Karen girl named Nan Agrol Htoo. The ceremony then followed by a number of great presenters and performances brought to us by the Karen community in Queensland. The ceremony successfully concluded with a delicious refreshment which was prepared by AKO youth in Queensland.

Karen Women's Day in Victoria

Posted on - 29 March 2017, Posted by - Webmaster

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On the 5h of April 2017 the Australian Karen Women group held the Karen Women's Day in Victoria. As we have witness that women from all over Victoria came together to put on a wonderful celebration. We had so many people coming together to celebrate Woman's Day and making the event enjoyable. Woman's Day isn't like any other celebration, it's bringing all Karen Women, young and old together and empowering them with encouragement and showing the younger generation of leadership. On this special day we had performances by our Karen women and lots of food made with love by the Karen Women Organisation.

Multicultural Race Day

Posted on - 19 April 2017, Posted by - Webmaster

AKO | Australian Karen Organisation

On the 8th of April 2017, the Australian Karen Organisation of Victoria was invited to perform a cultural dance at Multicultural Race Day in Wyndham at the Werribee Racecourse. Every year the Wyndham city council invites our AKO in Victoria to perform a dance to represent our culture to all the different cultures in Victoria. Our Karen community were able to witness the diversity culture in Melbourne and also show the different cultures the Karen dance. We were able to see the amazement in the audience faces during the Karen performance. The Australian Karen Organisation in Victoria would proudly perform the Karen Dance at any event to show Melbourne the beauty of the Karen tradition.

Multicultural celebration event, Victoria

Posted on - 19 April 2017, Posted by - Webmaster

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On the 29th March our AKO Australia Karen Organisation in Victoria members were invited to participate in an event called Global Pathway at Trinity College. We were able to show primary school children our traditional performances, instruments and our way of living in our Karen State. There were over 248 teachers and students that can to our station showing interest in our culture. As we engaged with the students and teachers, we realised many of them were surprised.

We were able to get to teachers and students to participate in dancing and playing the drums. In the end the organiser of the workshop came and reported back to us on how the majority of students was mesmerised by our culture display and performances.

Karen New Year (era 2756) Celebration (Queensland)

Posted on - 29 March 2017, Posted by - Webmaster

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Among many of the Karen's ceremonial events the Karen New Year Eve is considered to be a very significant social and traditional event, widely commemorated around the world by the Karen people. Historically, the Karen New Year Eve is relative recent and it was first officially celebrated in the year of 1938. The occasion is held on the first of the month of Therlay (January) in accordance with the Karen calendar year.

For the Karen community living in Queensland, united under the leadership of the Australian Karen Organisation (AKO), the event is held every year in a most fashionable way. As the number of our Karen community members grow in size every year the event has become a very vibrant and elaborate ceremonial event which attract many other community members to join us in the celebration. Each year the celebration is held at a different location since the Karen community in Brisbane is geographically expanded between North and South, therefore the event is routinely held between the Northern and Southern suburb of Brisbane yearly.

This year, 2017 the event was held at North side of Brisbane and there were over 600 attendees including guests from other community members and community organisations, such as MDA, QPAST. This year it had been a successful year for our Karen community living in Brisbane and we took pride in making this event ever grow bigger and stronger. This year celebration agenda includes several activates, such as Karen traditional dance called Doe Dace organised by South siders and the children Doe Dace initiated by the North siders. Doe Dace is a form of performance which has widely known as traditional and symbolic for the unity of the Karen people across the globe. In the ceremony there were several guest speakers from other community leaders and community organisation representatives, songs performance presented by youth department, women department and other talented individual youngsters from the community. There were also award presentation, mainly sport activities that usually happened one to two weeks prior to the actual celebration date. In the sport competition there were many groups and various sport activities, such as man and women soccer groups, cane ball and men and women volleyball teams. As always, refreshment and food prepared by community members and served by youth followed after the celebration.