9th AKO Biennial General Meeting Statement

23rd - 25th September 2016
Sydney, Australia

The Australian Karen Organisation (AKO - Inc.) 9th National Biennial General Meeting was held on the 23rd to 25th September, 2016. Representatives from the five states/territory attended.

The following resolutions were made unanimously:

  • AKO reaffirms and uphold the Karen four slogans of peaceful demand and Saw Ba U Gyi’s Four Principles till completion of Karen national and political objectives.
  • AKO supports the Karen revolution by all political, moral and with the accomplishment of the Karen national objectives – equality, genuine federal union with self-determination.
  • AKO believes that the NCA agreement as it currently stands is not weighted equally between the ethnic nationalities and the central government. The agreement would be more fairly balanced without the Burmese military’s ‘The Six Peace Principles’.
  • The 21st century Panglong conference is a good platform if every stakeholder is participating with sincerity to achieve true national conciliation. In reality we see clearly that the Burmese military is against the change that is why the Burmese military is the obstacle to national conciliation being achieved.
  • Development projects, land confiscation and extraction of natural resources in the ethnic areas need to be consulted and agreement reached with locally effected people according to the norms of international law.
  • AKO does not support the premature repatriation of refugees along the Thai-Burma border due to the instability of the area caused by the Burmese military.
  • AKO urges international governments to continue cross-border funding in supporting the Refugees and Internally Displaced People (IDPs) along the Thai-Burma border.
  • AKO calls on the Burmese military to unconditionally cease fighting in Karen state and all ethnic areas in order to make the national cease fire legally binding.
  • AKO urges KNU leaders to stand firm according to the Karen revolution principles.


Published by:
National executive committee
Australian Karen Organisation

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