28th KYO Day Celebration (Queensland)

28th KYO Day Celebration (Queensland)

The 28th KYO day was celebrated successfully in Queensland on 20th of May 2017. The event was organised by AKO youth in Queensland and supported by AKO Queensland branch. Each and every year the ceremony is held at a different location as. The 28th KYO day ceremony took place at the Stafford Community Centre. There were approximately 100 people attended the ceremony including elderly people although this event aimed to celebrate the establishment of the Karen youth organization. The KYO (Karen Youth Organization) was formed on 23rd of May 1989 to respond to the needs of the Karen young people. The establishment of the KYO (Karen youth organization) was to empower and equip youth through democratic leadership and socioeconomic development to be able to contribute towards fighting for the Karen people.

The event was also joined by several leaders from the Australian Karen Organization, Queensland branch. The 28th KYO day facilitation letter was received from the headquarter and read by a beautiful Karen girl named Nan Agrol Htoo. The ceremony then followed a number of great presenters and performances brought to us by the Karen community in Queensland. The ceremony successfully concluded with a delicious refreshment which was prepared by AKO youth in Queensland.

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