The establishment of Basic Karen Language School in Queensland

The establishment of Basic Karen Language School in Queensland


The establishment of the Karen Language program in Queensland is to advance the knowledge and understand of our young people the importance of our Karen tradition, culture and language. Most of the Karen people are from Thailand refugee camp, many of us have resettled in Brisbane since the year 2005 and our community has increasingly grown in numbers ever since. Living in a diverse multicultural society it is in our community interest to promote and create a harmonious community, promoting Australia cultural values by way of providing our children and young adults an opportunity to come together on a weekend during school terms to socialise, to learn and speak the language of our ancestors.


The Karen Language program is for all Karen children and young adults who are keen and have a strong will to wanting to speak, read and write their mother tongue as well as having mastered the English language. Our ultimate goal of creating a Karen Language program in our community is to pass down our identity, cultural value and ancestor knowledge to our young generation. As a community our main concern is our children are becoming less able to communicate with parents and elders in their mother tongue. Undeniably, replacing our ancestor language with a more predominantly spoken one seems very reasonable for many but we believe that what makes Australia a nation is diversity and language diversity is as important in its way as national identity and as biological diversity.

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