Events & activities

Karen New Year and Karen Wrist Tying ceremonies are the main secular events that Karen citizens celebrate every year. The Wrist Tying ceremony is a traditional event that Karen people have been practicing over decades. It was passed onto us by our ancestors. It used to be a ritual unity event in old days from our Animist ancestors, however it is now celebrated in a way that is keeping the culture alive for our new generation. It is celebrated in Laku (Karen month) which falls around August.

New Year is a time to farewell the past year and welcome the year ahead. The Karen calendar is based on lunar months. However, the particular time is chosen by our Ancestors after the completion of harvest time. It celebrates the consumption of new crops after a long year of hard work on farms and paddy fields. The day of Karen New Year falls on the 1st of Thalay (Karen month) which is usually around the end of December or early of January.