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28th KYO Day Celebration (Queensland) Jun 30, 2017

28th KYO Day Celebration (Queensland)

The 28th KYO day was celebrated successfully in Queensland on 20th of May 2017. The event was organised by AKO youth in Queensland and supported by AKO Queensland branch. Each and every year the ceremony is held at a different location as. The 28th KYO day ceremony took place at …

The establishment of National Karen Youth Seminar (Australia) Mar 30, 2017

8th National Karen Youth Seminar (Australia)

The National Karen Youth Seminar is a biennial event which is held in Australia since 2000. The event has come about after the leaders of the AKO believed that there is a need for the youth in Australia to be exposed to the idea of culture maintenance, political awareness, being …

AKO (WA) Traditional ''Done dance'' Team expands Nov 30, 2016

AKO (WA) Traditional ''Done dance'' Team expands

Jan 2016 saw the best year yet in Karen traditional dance at Karen New Year in Western Australia. With widespread social media and community newspaper coverage for the AKO (WA) group last year, this year the team aims to go one better. Last year AKO (WA) had great feedback from …