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Since Karen people came to live in Australia, they have seen that organisation is very important for the community in this country. Even though they were less in number, they started organising themselves as a group. After the Karen people started growing in number, in 1996 they started organising a committee. The purpose for this committee is to work for the Karen people who had resettled in this country especially in socio-political perspective. For the Karen organisation to be recognised in this country, this committee started writing basic constitution for the first time on February 17, 1997. The same year, the Karens in different states started organising committees for the first time through Teleconference. On February 14, 1998, the Australian Karen Organisation's constitution was recognised by the Australian government. And in April, 1998, the Australian Karen Organisation's committees from all over Australia held the first national conference in Sydney. On July 16, 1998, the Australian Karen Organisation was recognised by the Australian government.

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Karen New Year (era 2756) Celebration (Perth, WA)
The Karen Community in Perth celebrated the Karen New Year on the 29th December 2016, the 1st Thalay...
Karen Women's Day in Victoria
On the 5h of April 2017 the Australian Karen Women group held the Karen Women's Day in Victoria. As...
Karen New Year (era 2756) Celebration (Melbourne, Victoria)
The 2756 Karen New Year celebration in Werribee Victoria was celebrated successfully on the 29th Dec...
Karen New Year (era 2756) Celebration (Queensland)
Among many of the Karen's ceremonial events the Karen New Year Eve is considered to be a very signif...
Multicultural Race Day
On the 8th of April 2017, the Australian Karen Organisation of Victoria was invited to perform a cul...
Multicultural celebration event, Victoria
On the 29th March our AKO Australia Karen Organisation in Victoria members were invited to participa...

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The establishment of Basic Karen Language School in Queensland
Background The establishment of the Karen Language program in Brisbane is to advance the knowledge...
About Australian Karen Organisation (brief)
Since Karen people came to live in Australia, they have seen that organisation is very importan...
An overview of the Karen people
Karen people are well known as the indigenous people of Burma and second largest ethnic group after...
Events & activities
Karen New Year and Karen Wrist Tying ceremonies are the main secular events that Karen citizens cele...
Language & Education
As a small community, Karen people are aware of the importance of maintaining their language and lit...
Advocacy and Settlement support
AKO has been advocating Karen refugee''s issues and struggles to Australia, both locally and at a fe...